EASTech (Pvt) Limited is a dynamic and emerging technology solutions/sourcing provider with growth fuelled by the surge in demand for security, networking and automation solutions in the construction, medical and retail industry as well as law enforcement demands of Pakistan. Because of our extensive sourcing capability and the ability to meet unique client demands, we have a wide solution portfolio including installation/maintenance of surveillance, off grid solar power generation, POS, networking, fiber optics, managed Wifi, medical devices, bullet proofing, GPS trackers, surveillance drones and home/office automation solutions.

In addition to being a solutions provider, we are an OEM company for surveillance products, and offer a range of CCTV products under the EASTech brand. We are also direct importers, distributers of various networking products so that we can provide our clients with even better facilitation and better value for investment. Being direct suppliers allows us flexibility to transfer cost savings to our clients as well as better warranty processing. We can also create local warranty facilitation on client request.
We at EASTech focus on the creation of value for our customers. We believe in creating value through a high level of customization and flexibility to provide the most effective security, networking and automation solutions. Prominent EASTech clients include Atrium Mall & Cinema, Sindh Police, ASF, Philip Morris International, Saudi Cargo, Saudi Airlines, Machiara Group, Business Vision, Symmetry Group (Pvt.) Ltd, Magnus Investment Advisors and various other establishments / law enforcement agencies etc.

Optimal Cost Benefit Ratio

We at EASTech do not compromise on value deliverance while realizing affordability for our clients. Our solutions utilize the most innovative technologies while maintaining reliability. We use project management and six sigma best practices along with high emphasis on long term effectiveness and requirement fulfilment for delivering the best and most cost effective solutions.

Customized Scalable Solutions

We understand that each customer is unique and has their own distinct requirements. Having a single solution fit all strategy does not always provide the best solution. Customizing products with scalability according to application based scenarios enable us to identify product placement according to required results hence improving value deliverance.

Reliable Support

We intend to build long term relations with our clients and understand properly maintained technology has a longer life. With our maintenance support solutions our clients can ensure prolonged and reliable return from their investments. With EASTech stay assured that we value the best interest of our clients and provide the best possible technical support.

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