Camera Technologies

Understanding the importance of usability, system availability and economics, Loop surveillance solutions use the latest image processing technologies and a high level of customization for providing the most cost effective and optimized results for a range of applications.


Low Light Performance

High sensitivity & clear image under IR LED

Digital Noise Reduction


ATR (Adaptive Tone Reproduction) improves the visibility of the entire picture by the optimum gradation compensation.

Wide Range Visibility

Sony CCD & Effio covers every situation of actual field with the combination of many effective functions.

All our outdoor cameras are IP66 standard compliant.

Horizontal Resolution

Sony CCD & Effio resistance to signal noise because of higher frequency.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Double shutter method is adopted in the CCD image sensor for WDR. Dynamic range is the difference between the camera sensors maximum and minimum allowed light intensities or, more simply stated, the dark and light portions of the captured image. So a camera with Wide Dynamic Range has a sensor with a higher contrast ratio and allows it the ability to accurately capture clearer images in a wide array of lighting environments.

Color Reproduction

– Exact color reproduction
– Wide range ATW (1800 K – 10500 K)
Sony CCD & Effio can be used regardless of the light source and the time of day.



Loop cameras are available in verifocal lenses for zoom adjustment as well as fixed lens versions for application specific coverage.

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